Dating Red Flags

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It’s easy to get caught up when you first start dating someone. It’s also normal to want to look the other direction when red flags start popping up. If the relationship takes a down turn though, you will blame yourself later and tell yourself that you should have seen it coming. Here are some red flags to watch for so you can save yourself potential heartache or worse, later on.
Financially Unstable
If you start dating someone and they seem to have a lot of problems with bills, it’s a good idea to stay away from this person. We all run in to tough financial times from time to time, but we shouldn’t consistently have issues paying our bills. If your date is perpetually broke with no good reason (such as taking care of children, elderly parents, or hospital bills), this is a red flag that you should be on your toes and be prepared to walk away.
Bizarre Schedules
If your date only wants to talk or chat online very late at night, and schedules dates for strange times, like lunches or mid afternoon dates, you should take a closer look at that person. Many people do have strange schedules, but this could also mean they aren’t single.
Pay even more attention if you never go to public areas, or only date miles away from where you live.
Move Too Fast
Even though the eventual point of dating is to find someone to settle down with, be wary of the person who wants to move in right away, talks of your future together with in the first few dates, or pushes you for sex early on. This person could have some major issues that you will end up being involved with. You want to take time to get to know them, and moving too quickly doesn’t give you this chance.